GTR Lighting 31mm 360 Degree Festoon LED Bulbs

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GTR Lighting 31mm 360 Degree Festoon LED Bulbs

GTR Lighting 31mm Festoon LED Bulbs with 360 Degree Light Output



Perfect for interior dome lights, license plate lights, and anywhere on your vehicle. These bulbs have a safe and low-profile opaque white plastic shell around the LEDs to ensure no contact with metal electrical connections. These bulbs are the exact same dimensions as your original festoon bulbs and install with ease. NOT CANBUS COMPATIBLE. These bulbs are polarity-universal, meaning they can be plugged in either way and they will still work - this makes for a super easy install!
These LED bulbs will replace any 31 - 33mm Festoon dome light bulbs.
These LED bulbs will replace DE3175, DE3022, 3175, 3022.


What's Included:

Two 5730-chip based Festoon Style LED Bulbs

Specifications Per Bulb:

Dimensions: 1.22" (31mm) long x 11mm diameter
Wattage: 1.45w
Amp Draw: 122mA @ 12VDC
Lumen: 120 per bulb

1 Year

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