GTR Lighting 88mm Rubber Push-On Style Dust Cover Caps for LED Headlight Bulbs- TOYOTA

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Many vehicle headlight housings come with either a hard plastic "twist-on" style, or a soft rubber "push-on" style dust cover. This dust cover is designed to keep moisture, dust, insects and other debris out of your housing!

Sometimes when installing an LED headlight bulb into a housing with a dust cover it's required to either not use the dust cover anymore due to issues with clearance, or modify the dust cover to allow the bulb to pop out from behind the cap.

For all 3.5" or also 88mm round sized rubber push-on dust covers we've developed a replacement dust cover that fits on your headlight in the OEM location, but allows for the installation of a GTR Lighting GEN 3 Ultra Series LED headlight bulb. This is not 1 size fits all, and not guaranteed to fit all applications. But if your headlight opening is 88mm in diameter this cover should work and allow you to use an LED headlight bulb easily.

Sold in pairs. QTY: 1 = 2 covers.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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