GTR Lighting BMW H7 HID Bulb Adapters (E39-3 5 Series 1996-2000)

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GTR Lighting BMW H7 HID Bulb Adapters (E39-3 5 Series 1996-2000)

These bulb adapters fit the following vehicles: 

E39-3 5 Series 1996-200

On some cars and trucks the headlight bulb(s) are held in place with external clips that have the power wires built into them. This can make installing an aftermarket HID conversion kit difficult because the larger HID bulb doesn't fit and the new HID bulbs already have wires coming out of them. Some installers resort to cutting up or modifying their existing bulb adapter clips like cutting them apart and drilling out the middle to allow HID wiring through...

This DIY method is messy and easy to damage stock components, so we came up with different HID bulb adapter products that are almost identical to the original bulb clip adapters, but are designed to allow aftermarket HID bulbs to be fitted without modification.

Each of these bulb adapters are sold in pairs and only fit a few limited vehicles.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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