GTR Lighting CANBUS Lightning Series 2.0 3156 / 3157 LED Bulbs

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GTR Lighting Lightning Series 2.0 CANBUS 3156/3157 LED Bulbs

The new Series 2.0 Lightning Series bulbs from GTR Lighting are an all new design from the ground up! Not only do they use the latest insanely bright 3030 SMD Epistar LED chips in white, amber or red color options. The purpose of the Lightning Series 2.0 LED bulbs is to further create a plug and play, hassle-free CANBUS integration for vehicles with picky electrical and monitoring systems. If your vehicle displays a "bulb out" or "bulb malfunction" error, even after installing resistors, chances are these bulbs will fix that problem! We designed these bulbs to fix problems and errors relating from sophisticated vehicle CANBUS and PWM systems. These LED bulbs will replace any 3156 or 3157 bulb.

In some turn signal applications, no load resistors are required!

These LED bulbs will replace any T20 based 3156/3157 series bulb, here is the bulb cross reference guide for this product:
3057, 3157, 3457, 4057, 4157 & T20

FINALLY, a BRIGHT plug and play LED bulb. It's now here! The new GTR Lighting Lightning Series 2.0 LED bulbs. Get rid of your factory incandescent lights that give your car a yellow glow, and use these LEDs for a crisp light with 20 watts of power!

Suitable Applications: 

  • Fog Lights
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Turn Signals
  • ETC

Constant Current Driver: The Lightning Series 2.0 of LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are built using a state of the art Constant Current Driver inside the bulb with built-in CANBUS function for most monitoring systems. This allows them to be more reliable when used on vehicles that have voltage fluctuations due to electrical system design or fault. A constant current driver is a device that takes any incoming voltage and smooths it out, regulates it, so a steady stream of voltage/current reaches the LED. This helps the LED bulb last longer than bulbs that don't have this device built in. 1,300 raw lumen light output per bulb! Features maximum CANBUS support - simulation of the full load 21W bulbs commonly found in turn signals. No errors in cars or trucks 99.99% of the time.

What's Included:
Two SMD CANBUS Wedge LED Bulbs

Specifications Per Bulb:
Dimensions: Overall Length 2.34" Width 0.82"
Wattage: 20.4w
Amp Draw: 1.7 @ 12VDC
Raw Lumen: 1,300 Per Bulb

1 Year

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