GTR Lighting Color-Wheel RF RGB LED Remote Control

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GTR Lighting Color-Wheel RF RGB LED Remote Control

The GTR Lighting "Color Wheel" Multifunction RGB LED Remote is the latest addition to our line of intelligent LED controllers. This device uses high power RF technology which makes full control of your LED products easy and fun. No more constant fiddling with wired controllers, the RF Touch Style controller gives you over 150ft of wireless range of your LED products.


This controller is specially desined for controlling the GTR Lighting flexible LED strip lights, but can also be used to control virtually any RGB LED product like halos, bulbs or anything with color-changing technology. Easy to connect, easy to use features such as jump changing, gradual changing, strobe, flash as well as other modes.


Product Includes:
RF Color-Wheel Style remote control
3-Channel RGB Control Module


RGB LED strip NOT included.


RF Controller Specs:
Has a high precision touch control chip, that increases touch sensitivity and reduces mistaken triggers.
Working temperature: -20-60C
Supply voltage: 1.5 Volts per channel/3 channels
Standby power: 0.015mW
Standby current: 3uA
Working current: 200uA
Emission current: 10mA
Remote control distance: approximately 164ft

1 Year

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