GTR Lighting Dual Beam HID Relay Harness - H13 Style

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GTR Lighting Dual Beam HID Relay Harness - H13 Style

This is a dual beam relay harness to control a pair of GTR Lighting bi-xenon HID bulbs.
Dual Beam means 1 bulb functions as both high beam and low beam. Bi-Xenon means that the one bulb is also xenon (HID) on both high and low beam.


When installing dual beam HID bulbs there will be 3 connectors on the back side of the bulb. 2 of them will go to your ballast to power the bulb, and the 3rd connector is a small 2-pin plastic piece that will connect to the relay harness. This 2-pin connector that goes to the relay harness allows the high/low beam function to take place on the dual beam/Bi-Xenon HID bulbs. Without this harness installed your dual beam bulbs will only work as low beam.


The Dual Beam / Bi-Xenon HID bulbs from GTR Lighting are "motorized" using a super-strong electro-magnet. This electro-magnet motor is energized through the relay harness when the vehicle's high beam wiring is turned on. When this trigger takes place the bulb will move inward closer to the reflector housing to create the high beam light output pattern. The glowing light source inside bulb itself doesn't change, but only the position of the bulb inside the headlight housing.


Wire Length: Trigger: 11" Battery: 34" Short Ballast: 10.5" Long Ballast: 60" Short High Beam: 21.5" Long High Beam: 79"

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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