GTR Lighting In-Line LED Strip 288W Signal Booster for RGB Flexible Strip Lights

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The GTR Lighting in-line LED power booster is used when you have a power loss over long distances. This small amplifier goes in line, in series, between LED components and has an outside power input to boost voltage at one point. With the 5 meter LED strips by GTR Lighting, you would use one of these between each spool. If you don't use one of these between each 5 meter strip of flexible LEDs, you run the risk of the LEDs not operating properly including being dim.


- Working current: 12A
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Working power: 144W
- Working temperature: -30~75'C
- Supper mini, safe and easy to operate
- Cable length: 12cm
- Great for LED single color strip

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