GTR Lighting LED CANBUS Modules - 9007 Style

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GTR Lighting GEN 2 LED Headlight Conversion Kit CANBUS Module, 9007 Style


This plug and play harness is designed to be used in conjunction with the GTR Lighting LED headlight conversion kits in the event that your vehicle displays a "Lamp Out" error or has a strobing/flickering effect.


This CANBUS module also works as a noise reduction filter in case of radio interference.


Modern vehicles use sophisticated electronic controls onboard to control and monitor your vehicle's headlights. When you replace the stock incandescent light bulbs in your fog lights or headlights you might run into an issue with the vehicle's lighting computer thinking there is a problem. This could happen because the new LED headlight conversion kits will "read" differently than the stock bulbs to your vehicle's computer. If you have these symptoms consider trying this warning canceller module. It requires no extra modification, and is a simple plug and play connection between the factory vehicle wiring and your LED conversion kit wiring.


This product comes with 2 harnesses. Fits GEN 2 GTR Lighting 9007 LED Headlight Conversion Kits only.


Wire Length: 6.5" Male 7.5" Female


Limited Lifetime Warranty

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