GTR Lighting LED Halo Switch: Stainless Steel Bezel, Latching Switch

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GTR Lighting LED Halo Switch: Stainless Steel Bezel, Latching Switch

LED Halo Switch Stainless Steel, Latching Switch (Push On / Push Off)


These switches come with red, white, blue, or green LED accents


Our LED Halo Switches are the best looking switch you will ever find!
More sleek than a bulky toggle switch, and nicer looking than a flat plastic switch. Our switches use an LED halo ring on the front to illuminate the switch. You can use these switches to run ANYTHING, from your accent LED lights, an underbody kit, a strobe light, or headlight halos!


These flush LED Switches combine styling and functionality with an illuminated LED ring inset on a clean stainless steel or black aluminum shell.


Each switch can handle 3A of current and look great while doing it. The switch body diameter is 16mm (0.63") and sit almost completely flush to the mounting surface and use a rubber o-ring to seal the connection. Perfect for use on a boat or off-road vehicle where the face of the switch may get wet. The front of the switch is rated at IP65 water proof.


Use the diagram depending on how you want to wire the switches. The momentary style and latching styles are wired up differently.
NOTE: You cannot wire any switch for either style, you must buy the momentary switch if that's the style you want. They look the same, but they are different internally.


Hole size required: 16mm
Black Wire: LED Ground(-)
Blue Wire: LED Positive(+)
Red Wire: Switch Input
White Wire: Switch Output

Wire Length: 8.5"

1 Year

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