GTR Lighting Quick Clip LED Strip Harness, 4-Pin (For RGB Color LED Strips)

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Each harness has 2 clips on the ends of the wires and can be used to join LED strips or cut the harness in half to make a pigtail.


When using the flexible LED strips that come in 5 meter rolls, sometimes you have to cut it to length and to attach the cut side to a power source requires soldering onto the circuit board. Now, there is a quick connection available to make your install much easier!


This picture shows how to use the 2-pin connector to hook up to a flexible LED strip using single-color LED chips. There are two styles of clips, the single-color style and the RGB style. The single color style has 2 wires, the RGB style has 4 wires.



  • Cut the LED strip to the length you want.
  • Peel away the soft silicone cover on the LED strip exposing the bare contacts.
  • Line up the quick clip harness so the red wire contacts the positive side and the black wire contacts the negative side, of the LED strip.
  • Press the quick clip harness together until it clicks. Test by applying 12v DC to the red and black wires. 

Wire Length 6.5"

1 Year

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