GTR Lighting Single Beam HID Relay Harness

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GTR Lighting Single Beam HID Relay Harness

This relay wire harness is an optional piece used in single beam style HID conversion kits. This harness uses the most common connector found on 9005/9006 bulbs, but also comes with H9/H11, 800/880, H7, and H1/H3 style adapters to make this harness plug and play on most vehicles.. This style wire that will plug directly into power from the battery and uses the factory headlight wiring to trigger a relay. The result is more amperage to the ballast which allows for a faster startup time. You can decrease flickering, and decrease warmup time with a relay harness!


Wire Length: From Ziptie: Trigger: 9" Ground: 49" Power: 52" Nearest Ballast: 31" Furthest Ballast: 70"


Limited Lifetime Warranty

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